Ladies!! Don’t all rush at once…

1970s, cosmopolitan, harpers and queen, haute naffness

In honour of the general weird horridness of Valentine’s Day when you’re a singleton, here are some superb dating adverts from Harpers and Queen and Cosmopolitan, 1972 and 1975 respectively. Personally, I would stay well away from Peter, theatre or no theatre, and I’d be a bit concerned for my safety down the disco with Bob.

6 thoughts on “Ladies!! Don’t all rush at once…

  1. John has wisely chosen to provide his date with a slap-up dinner both dates. John gets more dates in spite of dodgy hair. There's a lesson to be learned there…

  2. Good ol' John. Even if the way to a girl's heart isn't through her stomach – he knows he's going to get a good old nosh out of any date he goes on. Shocking hair and facial furniture, but easily the smartest of cookies.I'm with you though. I'd be a bit worried that Peter would spend the entire time at the theatre trying to sell me life insurance – and I wouldn't go anywhere with Bob. Least of all to the disco. Hustletastic.

  3. I love these! And agree with the others that John is clearly the best. Talk about being pissed off with my current boyfriend when there are hunks like these out there.

  4. Brilliant! Steve looks like he belongs in a third rate Confessions Of…movie, Peter the kind of person who will dip into a lonely old dears pension book, Bob is terrifying, Alex looks like he 'liked that racquet so much he bought the company' and Adrian, dear Adrian. Sit down luv, I fell there's a reason why you really really like shopping….

  5. All said, I would much rather be going on dates with these men than most of the specimens I see these days. At least they've made efforts with hair and clothes, and are prepared to go on ACTUAL dates.Despite what I said about Bob, I think he'd still buy you a Cinzano before he tried to remove your knickers.

  6. Ha indeed, when I people watch now 'dates' these days seem to consist of inter gender drinking contests in the local wetherspoons.Bob would definitely gallantly buy a Cinzano first hehe, or if you asked for a pint make some witty remark like 'so that's two halves the lady way in one glass? Groovy, ok!'

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