Mensday: Mail Order Punks, 1980

1980s, Illustrations, Punk, Smash Hits, Vintage Adverts

Bless. I love the idea of mail order punks, especially amusing given that this advertisement is scanned from the back of a copy of Smash Hits. Having said that though, I would dearly love one of those Adam and the Ants t-shirts. Show me the way to the time travelling postbox please!

Scanned from Smash Hits, June 1980.

One thought on “Mensday: Mail Order Punks, 1980

  1. This would have appealed to a few people I went to school with in the summer of 1980, given we were in the middle of nowhere (i.e. northern Scotland).

    Never had a T-shirt, but I did have an Adam & The Ants mug around that time, which I think I got as a free gift for collecting tokens from Weetabix packets or something.

    Aye, they were hard days, alright… 🙂

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