Inspirational Images: Dare The Ritz

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Dress by Yuki

Scanned from Vogue, June 1976. Photographed by Barry Lategan. Modelled by Jerry Hall.

Dress by Yuki. Jewellery by Ken Lane.

Dress by Nettie Vogues. Sandals throughout by Manolo Blahnik at Zapata.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Dare The Ritz

  1. I’m so darn obsessed with Jerry. And who shouldn’t be? She really epitomizes what I love about fashion models from the 70’s: she is very long and very lean, but also vibrant, muscular, defined! The thinness of modern day fashion models seems to indicate nothing but a miniscule layer of subcutaneous fat and some very tiny organs. Jerry always seems impossibly gorgeous, but also touchable! I possibly have this dichotomy on my mind because I have a post running today about Grace Kelly had a touchability that I feel Audrey Hepburn lacked (though it was my arbitrary decision to compare them in the first place, I suppose).

    Also, on an unrelated note: I first read Barry Lategan as “Barely Legal.” What is the internet doing to my mind?!?

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