Mild Sauce: Wild Thing

1970s, Fiesta, mild sauce, Wonder Workshop

Scanned from Fiesta, 1975

You never know where you might find a cool little piece of fashion history. Here are the first two images (and the only printable ones as far as this blog is concerned!) from a spread in Fiesta. A ‘dirty little magazine’ (as Mildred Roper might spit at George) for the uninitiated among you. Our soon-to-be-starkers model is wearing an iconic ‘Wild Thing’ t-shirt, originally designed by the wonderful John Dove and Molly White at Wonder Workshop but also ripped off by large-scale manufacturers. I have no idea if our girl is wearing an original or a cheap rip-off (her skirt is obscuring the ‘Thing’ part and you can’t really see much detail) but it was a bizarrely cool spot. Plus, I want her red wedges.

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