Mild Sauce: Wild Thing

1970s, Fiesta, mild sauce, Wonder Workshop

Scanned from Fiesta, 1975

You never know where you might find a cool little piece of fashion history. Here are the first two images (and the only printable ones as far as this blog is concerned!) from a spread in Fiesta. A ‘dirty little magazine’ (as Mildred Roper might spit at George) for the uninitiated among you. Our soon-to-be-starkers model is wearing an iconic ‘Wild Thing’ t-shirt, originally designed by the wonderful John Dove and Molly White at Wonder Workshop but also ripped off by large-scale manufacturers. I have no idea if our girl is wearing an original or a cheap rip-off (her skirt is obscuring the ‘Thing’ part and you can’t really see much detail) but it was a bizarrely cool spot. Plus, I want her red wedges.

Mild Sauce: You don’t take them off unless you have to!

1970s, Fiesta, levis, mild sauce

Scanned from Fiesta, 1975

Fnar fnar. Etc…

(An equal rights fnar fnar, no less. Just how we like it here at Vintage-a-Peel…)