Just Crazy

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Just Crazy - 19 Magazine - Peccinotti - 2

Sweaters with Elvis, Don’t Be Cruel and Wild Thing on front. All by John and Molly Dove.

Rock around the clock in clinging cire singlets or stomp a bit in boppy beatnik sweaters, add some lurex or fishnet tights and you’re all set to swing.

Photographed by Harri Peccinotti.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from 19 Magazine, April 1972.

Just Crazy - 19 Magazine - Peccinotti - 1

Black cire singlet with pink leopard skin heart. Cire t-shirts with Marilyn Monroe and notes motifs. All by John and Molly Dove.

Inspirational Illustrations: Aspidistra by Irving Tree

1970s, Aspidistra, Honey Magazine, Illustrations, Irving Tree, John Dove and Molly White, Wonder Workshop

asphidistra john molly dove jan 71

Early mention of the brilliant John Dove and Molly White, whose incredible prints – not least their ‘Wild Thing’ t-shirt – came to define the Seventies. Please do check out their website. Wonder Workshop began in 1972, so Aspidistra must have been very short-lived.

Incredible illustration by Irving Tree. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey, January 1971

Mild Sauce: Wild Thing

1970s, Fiesta, mild sauce, Wonder Workshop

Scanned from Fiesta, 1975

You never know where you might find a cool little piece of fashion history. Here are the first two images (and the only printable ones as far as this blog is concerned!) from a spread in Fiesta. A ‘dirty little magazine’ (as Mildred Roper might spit at George) for the uninitiated among you. Our soon-to-be-starkers model is wearing an iconic ‘Wild Thing’ t-shirt, originally designed by the wonderful John Dove and Molly White at Wonder Workshop but also ripped off by large-scale manufacturers. I have no idea if our girl is wearing an original or a cheap rip-off (her skirt is obscuring the ‘Thing’ part and you can’t really see much detail) but it was a bizarrely cool spot. Plus, I want her red wedges.