Mensday: Cosak Spells Action

1960s, Mensday, menswear, nova magazine, space age, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from Nova, June 1967

Actually I think you’ll find it spells ‘Cosak’, but never mind…

‘Think about COSAK for light relief’, combined with that suspicious looking pump thing they’re holding…? I’m not even going to fall into that dirty mind trap!

See also “Cosak is orbiting

One thought on “Mensday: Cosak Spells Action

  1. Terylene and Mohair, oh dear, what an awful sounding combination. I suppose their intentions were worthy, much like the person who clothed us with ‘long-lasting’ and ‘easy to clean’ but extremely uncomfortable polyester in the Seventies. My old boss, who was a master tailor, used to have a trick when inspecting cloth he had bought off suppliers during the 60’s and 70’s: he asked me for a match (I was a smoker, he wasn’t) which he would then strike and set fire to a thread of the material, any hint of synthetics would make it burn differently. But Terylene and Mohair, it’s like Champagne and Lucozade, it just doesn’t sound right!

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