Inspirational Images: Diana Rigg

1960s, diana rigg, emma peel, Inspirational Images, the avengers

Photograph by John Kelly

Scanned by Miss Peelpants as a clipping from an unknown issue of Bravo magazine, late Sixties.

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Diana Rigg

    1. I heartily approved of your picspam sir!

      I’ve been sorting through magazines/clippings from my Diana Rigg webmistress days – can’t believe how much money I used to spend and how many bizarre, random foreign magazines I ended up with. No website to put them on these days, sadly (or thankfully, for my sanity!).

      1. Why thank you.

        Ooh a webmistress devoted to her, brilliant. In another life I was the proud owner of Myspace’s first (and best) John Steed profile 😉

  1. Like many a teenage boy, my devotion to The Avengers was keenly focussed on her presence. (It’s always disappointed me that she pretty much disowns the series.) Saw ‘On Her Majesty’s…’ Bond film last weekend – My God she glows off the screen! Such an amazing beauty and still is. Not nearly visible enough as an actress.

    1. She’s a bit more talkative about The Avengers these days, she just doesn’t do ‘events’ connected with it. She talked a bit on the Mark Lawson interview for BBC4, and when I saw her in conversation at the V&A earlier this year.

      Have you ever seen The Assassination Bureau with Oliver Reed? I really wish she’d done more fun films like that. I think people think of her as being too ‘serious’ and stage-y and she’s actually a great comic actress.

      1. Unfortunately not. But it’s now on my list. What comes across in the Bond film is her comic timing – I agree, I wish she had done more.

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