What went on: Or what people wore to be seen

19 magazine, 1970s, glam rock, Mick Rock

Photography by Mick Rock. 19 Magazine, 1974.

While I initially thought ‘ooh, fantastic’ to this spread, my thoughts began to turn to Heat, Grazia et al (Cult of Fashion Bloggers inclusive) and mused upon the very fine line between glam rock ‘cool’ and modern hipster naff. Still, at least this lot were generally much better turned-out.

3 thoughts on “What went on: Or what people wore to be seen

  1. Some more detail for you Miss Peelpants: The guy on the left in photo No. 4 is John Bicknall, PR man at EMI in 1974. He was there as Cockney Rebel’s Press officer (as they were called at the time) and is probably more responsible for Queen’s success than anyone else at the label – he loved them and was insistent and consistent in pushing them from the very first single. The Kevin Ayers night was the ACNE gig with Ayers, John Cale, Nico and Eno. Kevin wore an amazing electric light blue slubbed silk suit for the event. I agree with you – people made an attempt to dress well for certain gigs back then.

    1. Fantastic detail, thank you sir! Freddie Mercury is one of my most favourite people to have walked this earth, so anybody who contributed to their success is to be applauded loudly.

      Were you there for the ACNE gig then? How amazing!

      I am consistently disappointed by people’s sartorial choices for gigs; people seem to take pride in looking like they’ve made no effort.

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