21 Days in Soho

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Richard Myhill – 21 Days in Soho (1975)

With a cover like that, and songs such as “Lazy Lady” (Never operational til the sun has left the sky) and “Backstage Judy” (You look hot but you’re cucumber cool), how could I resist?

Sleeve design, photography etc by Mick Rock. Styling by Sheila. Legs by Noelle. Shot at The Last Resort restaurant, Fulham Road, London. Thanks to Sue Machin for making the kimono with amazing speed.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

It Takes Two To Tango (1978) was Myhill’s biggest UK hit, and he later worked with my beloved Durans on some of my favourite songs (including Tel Aviv and My Own Way)

What went on: Or what people wore to be seen

19 magazine, 1970s, glam rock, Mick Rock

Photography by Mick Rock. 19 Magazine, 1974.

While I initially thought ‘ooh, fantastic’ to this spread, my thoughts began to turn to Heat, Grazia et al (Cult of Fashion Bloggers inclusive) and mused upon the very fine line between glam rock ‘cool’ and modern hipster naff. Still, at least this lot were generally much better turned-out.