Inspirational Images: Floating daisies on the beach

1970s, celia birtwell, Inspirational Images, ossie clark


Photographed by François Gillet (Bournemouth College of Art)

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from the British Journal of Photography Annual 1972.

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Floating daisies on the beach

  1. Hey it’s me! My frock and Francois took the shot. I wish I has some of those photos. Francois was the best photographer at college in my opinion but I was freezing cold that day. A jealous boyfriend tore all my modelling shots up and threw them out of the top window of my house into the street but I have one I gave to my mother. This dress was stolen too along with all my seriously collectable beautiful stuff. Still one has to be philosophical about it. Things come and go and one has fun.
    Love you Ossie RIP

    1. Hi Jane! I hadn´t a clue how dramatic this was. !! I can fix some of these photos for you, there were better ones than just this one. Good to hear from you, it was great working with you. Francois

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