Mr Freedom

1970s, album covers, british boutique movement, interesting record sleeves, mr freedom, Tommy Roberts


A trip to the dentist yesterday meant a little bit of time for browsing some different charity shops. Pain/pleasure. The pleasure was definitely finding this glorious Chartbusters lp, complete with blatant Mr Freedom outfitting in brown corduroy. The pain was largely the dentist, but also the reminder that we lost the wonderful Tommy Roberts towards the end of 2012. The intention to blog my respect and condolences at the time was strong, but I really wanted to pay tribute with something we hadn’t seen before. And it has taken almost a month, but it came eventually. Rest in peace Sir! Your vivid, inspirational contribution to the world will not be forgotten in a hurry.

3 thoughts on “Mr Freedom

  1. My inner geek knows this LP was released in April 1972. As a teenager I remember the cover of Pye Chartbusters Vol 1 featured an attractive but rather blatant topless model. I would add this sleeve to my comment but I’m afraid that it goes a little further than your “mild sauce” which we so enjoy.

  2. Oh No! I didn’t know that. I had a little contact with him in the early 1990’s, when he had the shop Tom Tom near Centre Point. Think I may have related a story of my times lurking in there, hoping to find something I could afford.

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