Stars of ’69

1960s, album covers, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves

stars of 69

“…and the award for Most Literal Album Cover of the Decade goes to….”

Best 20p I have ever spent/worst wig I’ve ever seen…

Clowning Around

1970s, album covers, clowns, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves


Sexy? Quirky? Disturbing? I’ll leave that up to you. I’m afraid I couldn’t resist it…

Formerly belonging to a Miss Corinne Hall of Chichester. Scanned by Miss Peelpants. Dated 1973

21 Days in Soho

1970s, album covers, Duran Duran, Inspirational Images, interesting record sleeves, Mick Rock, Noelle, Richard Myhill, The Last Resort

Richard Myhill – 21 Days in Soho (1975)

With a cover like that, and songs such as “Lazy Lady” (Never operational til the sun has left the sky) and “Backstage Judy” (You look hot but you’re cucumber cool), how could I resist?

Sleeve design, photography etc by Mick Rock. Styling by Sheila. Legs by Noelle. Shot at The Last Resort restaurant, Fulham Road, London. Thanks to Sue Machin for making the kimono with amazing speed.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

It Takes Two To Tango (1978) was Myhill’s biggest UK hit, and he later worked with my beloved Durans on some of my favourite songs (including Tel Aviv and My Own Way)

Mr Freedom

1970s, album covers, british boutique movement, interesting record sleeves, mr freedom, Tommy Roberts


A trip to the dentist yesterday meant a little bit of time for browsing some different charity shops. Pain/pleasure. The pleasure was definitely finding this glorious Chartbusters lp, complete with blatant Mr Freedom outfitting in brown corduroy. The pain was largely the dentist, but also the reminder that we lost the wonderful Tommy Roberts towards the end of 2012. The intention to blog my respect and condolences at the time was strong, but I really wanted to pay tribute with something we hadn’t seen before. And it has taken almost a month, but it came eventually. Rest in peace Sir! Your vivid, inspirational contribution to the world will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Mild Sauce: Waikiki Beach Babes

1960s, album covers, Dick Swayne, interesting record sleeves, mild sauce

Photograph by Dick Swayne. c. 1969

What a photograph! There’s definitely some subtle nipple action going on there, but that logo is far too intrusive. Still, I couldn’t resist! Enjoy…

Kinky Croquet

1970s, album covers, Inspirational Images, interesting record sleeves, jilly johnson, mild sauce, platforms, shoes, swimwear

Featuring superbabe Jilly Johnson, and formerly belonging to a dymo-wielding dude named ‘Ross’, I cannot help but covet the matching silver bikini/platform shoe combination on the reverse side. Or in the words of the great Tarkus, B-Side.

Sock it to me Amanda Lear

1960s, album covers, amanda lear, interesting record sleeves

Sock it to me! The Now Generation.

Miss Amanda Lear on the cover of a seriously swinging LP from 1968, found in Cullompton, Devon of all places. For so many reasons, I could not resist buying it… Not least that the Batman-style ‘SOCK’ is actually attached to her boxing glove and not superimposed on the photograph.

Does anyone know the way… to Chartbusters?

1970s, album covers, glam rock, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves, Slade, the sweet

I really try to keep such frivolous record purchases to a minimum (I mean, how many times do I want to listen to somebody else’s version of songs I love?) but certain covers are pretty much impossible to resist. Knitted hotpants and thigh high socks? Lace-up knitted top? Wildly hairy jacket? Perfect Jo Grant-style feather haircut? Yes. Please.

If you, like me, love all things Seventies [and are in the UK], then don’t forget to tune into Dominic Sandbrook’s new series on the era on BBC2 at 9pm tonight. Plus a new series of Sounds of the Seventies after this at 10pm. Heaven…

I also never need much excuse to post videos by Slade and Sweet…

Noosha Fox: Cheap at the price

interesting record sleeves, lps, noosha fox, seventies fashion

The vinyl hunting continues; I am currently having most luck in East Anglia, so thank you very much East Anglia! Six quid seems steep for a 12inch, unless you know who Noosha Fox is. In case you have never heard the song before, here’s a rare Noosha performance:

Scanned from the back cover

Mild Sauce: Bowling Ball Bum

haute naffness, interesting record sleeves, mild sauce, seventies fashion

I actually couldn’t resist the brilliant awfulness of this cover. I’m not convinced it’s going to become a staple part of my vinyl collection, so if anyone would like it to adorn their retro pad, then let me know and I’ll probably just send it to you!

p.s Ohhh I bet it was ‘Daddy’s’ property alright…