Mild Sauce: Chastity in Focus

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Photographed by Duffy

Photographed by Duffy

I am now the proud owner of ‘Chastity in Focus’, which was a book produced in 1980 by the Janet Reger underwear company to celebrate the photography of its catalogues. Janet Reger underwear was truly revolutionary at the time, mixing practicality and comfort (the bras are often non-wired and non-padded) with sensual silks and delicious, edible colours. No scratchy red and black nylon lace, no boring white cotton.

Many of the images are by Bob Carlos Clarke, who photographed the catalogue I already own, but I was blown away by some of the Duffy pictures. More to come soon. In the meantime, here’s the book’s dedication:

This book is dedicated to all those who worship the female form in all its gracefulness, who indulge in the joys of its inner sanctum and who are forever drawn by its promise of sensual ecstasy.

I also have some Janet Reger pieces for sale over at Vintage-a-Peel in my ‘loungerie’ section

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