Mensday: Donovan at Bodiam

1960s, bravo magazine, donovan, Mensday

bodiam donovan

Earlier in the summer, Mr Brownwindsor and I took a few little day trips around the time of my birthday. One was to Bodiam Castle, over on the other side of East Sussex from us. It was a true fairytale of a ruined castle and a lovely day out. So I was delighted to spot this picture of Donovan on the back cover of one of my odd Bravo magazines, in all his troubadour finery (and oh! how I want that cape…) in the picturesque lake which surrounds it. Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to ponce around in a boat on the lake. Lake poncing should definitely be introduced at Bodiam…

Scanned from Bravo, May 1968


3 thoughts on “Mensday: Donovan at Bodiam

  1. Miss Peelpants, you are clearly too young to remember fey princeling Donovan in the 60s – this was on the cover of one of his albums. I lived in California at the time and there were certain albums that *everyone* seemed to have. His was one of them. Fortunately, no-one ever put it on while I was visiting.

    1. Now that it’s been pointed out to me, I know the cover (although it’s not an album I own) but I think I prefer this shot. Even without the pinky wash over the top… It’s so funny how, once you’ve been somewhere, you start to recognise and see it everywhere!

      Personally I love a bit of Donovan… 😉

  2. Oh i love Mr Donovan! What a marvelous idea – lake poncing Donovan style – banjos, lace, irises and velvet capes. Though this isn’t my favourite album of his, i think this one has the most memorable cover.

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