Mensday: Donovan at Bodiam

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bodiam donovan

Earlier in the summer, Mr Brownwindsor and I took a few little day trips around the time of my birthday. One was to Bodiam Castle, over on the other side of East Sussex from us. It was a true fairytale of a ruined castle and a lovely day out. So I was delighted to spot this picture of Donovan on the back cover of one of my odd Bravo magazines, in all his troubadour finery (and oh! how I want that cape…) in the picturesque lake which surrounds it. Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to ponce around in a boat on the lake. Lake poncing should definitely be introduced at Bodiam…

Scanned from Bravo, May 1968



bravo magazine, minis, sixties, twiggy

A couple of brilliant German adverts for the Twiggy clothing range. I love that Ban-Lon is ‘Bani-Lon’, but Crimplene is hideous Crimplene in any language…

Both are from Bravo, May and October 1968 respectively.

(p.s I still have an über rare Twiggy-labelled dress for sale over at Vintage-a-Peel)

Cardboard Soul

bravo magazine, The Beatles

Failure to capture The Beatles for prop-related shenanigans? That bloody Rigg woman must have tipped them off. Kein problem…. Just stick some cardboard cut-outs amongst the random prop department and no one will notice the difference. Genius!
(May I just repeat how much I LOVE Bravo magazine? I might just have to dedicate this blogging week to its glory…)

Bravo, Diana. Bravo!

bravo magazine, diana rigg, emma peel, sixties
Little does she realise…

I love Bravo magazine with a passion. I became acquainted with its strange ways during my aforementioned period of Diana Rigg-collecting; they seem to have specialised in abducting international stars of screen and music, shoving them in a studio and surrounding them with one of the weirdest collections of props I have ever seen.
Diana seems to have done some of the strangest, and this celebration of her Riggness (in honour of her winning something called a Golden Otto) is brilliantly bonkers. Some are pretty self-explanatory, some are pretty and some are….indescribable. Enjoy!
Diana likes antiques. But she’s a bit scared of breaking them, so she sits very still.
Diana is very politically incorrect. But she manages it with panache.
Diana and the ‘men in her life’? Top is, I’m guessing, her father. Top right is Philip Saville, her partner at the time. He was still married and they were very open about their relationship.
Diana is a very, very bad girl. (See above)
Diana grows her own.
Diana likes to sail…in very flimsy boats.
Diana is a goddess. But we already knew this.
Diana has a poodle called Poopie. This isn’t him (I hope).
Diana likes to travel (Dressed like a spy. Of course).
You can’t read her p-p-poker face.
Please tell my management, I’ve been kidnapped by this German magazine. Help!!!