Mild Sauce: Janet Reger by Duffy

1970s, brian duffy, Inspirational Images, janet reger, mild sauce

duffy girls 1

Further adventures in mild sauce by Duffy for the Janet Reger catalogue.

Undated, probably from the early Seventies. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Chastity in Focus, 1980.

duffy girls 2

One thought on “Mild Sauce: Janet Reger by Duffy

  1. The original Janet Reger lingerie was such a wonderful and glamorous new look – after the ’60s no bras and ’50s stitched cups etc. In some ways reminiscent of the langorous ’30s and the sexy ’40s.

    Sadly I had a ’60s boyish figure even in the ’70s after two babies. But when I tried on some items in her Beachamp Row boutique my husband stood outside with my younger infant daughter. Along came Caroline Kennedy ( daughter of the late USA President) who was one of husband’s students. She shook hands and played with my daughter as she chatted. Only two degrees of separation from one of the most historic statesmen of the 20th century. As for me struggling in the changing rooms – the satin and lace made me look like an ageing courtesan and I preferred the sleek sporty look of more modern-style underwear. Hey ho!

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