Inspirational Illustrations: Twiggies and Shrimptons

1960s, Barbara Hanrahan, Honey Magazine, Illustrations

twiggy shrimpton barbara hanrahan honey september 1967

For a long time I firmly believed that we all wanted to become a nation of mass-produced Twiggies and Shrimptons. Hankering after the security of knowing there isn’t anybody with a nicer figure/face/hair, we all jump on the trendy bandwagon, and do whatever is expected of us in the cause of fashion. And where fashion is concerned, it seems we are all prepared to do anything…

Dreary copy, I won’t bore you with any more, but a gorgeous illustration of Twiggy and Shrimpton-types by Barbara Hanrahan.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey, September 1967

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