Inspirational Images: Eyebrows – Going, going, gone

David Anthony, Hair and make-up, harpers and queen, Joan Price, Make-up, Ricci Burns
eyebrows harpers and queen december 1970 david anthony

The no-eyebrow look for the Seventies. You can achieve it, as we did here, by the use of a hair removing cream — I advise against plucking or waxing as this can permanently inhibit regrowth. Or, if you don’t want to be so drastic, you can have your brows bleached so that they are almost invisible. For the pale complexion : English Porcelain Re-Nutriv foundation with Sheer Bisque Re-Nutriv face powder; Neutraled Flesh Under Eye Primer stick ; Aurora Pink and Mint Haze Colour Contour for shaping and shading. For the eyes we used Plum Raisin and Candlelight Pink Pressed Eyelid shadows, and Black Burgundy Lash Lengthening Roll-On mascara. The lipstick is Mulberry See-Through. All by Estee Lauder. Hair style : a Marcel wave brought up to date, by Ricci Burns.

My prediction for 1971 is a swing away from the natural look and the form I believe it will take is the disappearance of eyebrows and the return to a pale, pink and white complexion. As with so many new looks in the past few years, this one has been started by models. I saw two of them, browless, this autumn in St Tropez and it gave a new and exciting perspective to the face. Beauty, like fashion, goes in cycles : after a decade of the natural look, we are due for a return to a more stylised face. The last time this occurred was in the Twenties when women achieved a very stylised type of look with pale faces, dark lips, and eyebrows plucked into pin-thin crescents. It reached its peak in the faces of Garbo, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich. If, this time, it is the no-eyebrow look that catches on, it will not be the first time that brows have been removed in the cause of beauty : fashionable ladies in the 15th century covered their faces with white flour powder and accentuated the egg shape pallor of their complexions by plucking the eyebrows out completely and scraping back their hair under exaggerated head-dresses.

Beauty by Joan Price. Photographed by David Anthony.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers and Queen, December 1970

One thought on “Inspirational Images: Eyebrows – Going, going, gone

  1. Sometimes fashion shows during certain Fashion Weeks bring that no eyebrow look back from what I featured in the pics in Vogue and a Elle magazines from time to time.

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