Designer Focus: Bibette Wainwright

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Bibette Wainwright

On beads and bibelots . . . and 23-year-old BIBETTE WAINWRIGHT, below, who wears them and makes them. Bibette, incidentally, spent three years at Bristol University and took a degree in psychology. Slim and delicate, with pale blonde hair and pre-Raphaelite looks, Bibette is a great health food fanatic, eats only macrobiotic foods. She works in her large studio-cum-bed-sit, bare save for the Larry Smart posters of Jimmy Hendricks [sic] and a motley wardrobe of granny dresses, silk pyjamas and fur coats, hung round the walls and collected from the antique markets which she spends hours exploring and which is where she first became interested in Victorian jewellery and beading. Tucked away under the window is her collection of beads. Clustering in boxes, beautiful glass beads — opaque Victorian glass, brilliant shining modern crystals. These she strings by hand into chokers and bracelets, belts and headbands. The designs are adapted from Japanese and Indian motifs, but sort of have a ’20s feel about them — and Bibette will design to order. From about 2½gns to 10gns, they are available from a selection at Thea Porter, 8 Greek Street, W1 or to order direct from Bibette at 26 East Tenter St, E1.

Photographed by Bill Holden.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers Bazaar, April 1970

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