Ossie invents summer… Patti wears it.

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Yellow vibrations, sun crepe printed with black and green, cut out at shoulders, frilled like a waterfall down tight sleeves; 15 gns. All clothes by Ossie Clark at Quorum, 113 King’s Rd.

Look at summer through new eyes. Ossie Clark sees you in shepherdess smocks of voile, in long crepe dresses, reed-thin red or printed by Celia Birtwell. Pattie Boyd looks at it her way. All at Quorum.

Photographed by David Bailey.

Scanned from Vogue, June 1969.

I think this editorial might be one of the first I ever scanned, back in even my pre-blog days. I may have posted it on MySpace (don’t judge me, I feel ancient enough as it is). I’ve been meaning to properly rescan for years, but finally the time seemed right. It is the perfect combination of designer, model, photographer and a stunning use of Pre-Raphaelite imagery.

Cloud white voile, left, with apple green and peach, a shepherdess shirt, about £8 14s. 6d, matching skirt, about £10 8s. 6d to order.

Gentle beige smock, below, with crepe yoke, half sleeves above long voile cuffed sleeves; body beige, too, with olive and orange; 142 gns.

Flame red crepe dress, below, wrapped round and tied behind, with dragon fin sleeves, long and slender, a potent mixture of enchantment; 12 gns. Scarf by Celia Birtwell. High collar, £3 5s, from selection at London Docks, Munro Terrace.

The Saint Raphaelites

1970s, Inspirational Images, pre-raphaelite, Vintage Adverts, Vogue

Scanned from Vogue, June 1973.

Face Up To The Party

19 magazine, 1960s, Hair and make-up, Inspirational Images, Make-up, pre-raphaelite, Stephen Bobroff


Photographed by Stephen Bobroff.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from 19 Magazine, December 1969.


Designer Focus: Bibette Wainwright

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Bibette Wainwright

On beads and bibelots . . . and 23-year-old BIBETTE WAINWRIGHT, below, who wears them and makes them. Bibette, incidentally, spent three years at Bristol University and took a degree in psychology. Slim and delicate, with pale blonde hair and pre-Raphaelite looks, Bibette is a great health food fanatic, eats only macrobiotic foods. She works in her large studio-cum-bed-sit, bare save for the Larry Smart posters of Jimmy Hendricks [sic] and a motley wardrobe of granny dresses, silk pyjamas and fur coats, hung round the walls and collected from the antique markets which she spends hours exploring and which is where she first became interested in Victorian jewellery and beading. Tucked away under the window is her collection of beads. Clustering in boxes, beautiful glass beads — opaque Victorian glass, brilliant shining modern crystals. These she strings by hand into chokers and bracelets, belts and headbands. The designs are adapted from Japanese and Indian motifs, but sort of have a ’20s feel about them — and Bibette will design to order. From about 2½gns to 10gns, they are available from a selection at Thea Porter, 8 Greek Street, W1 or to order direct from Bibette at 26 East Tenter St, E1.

Photographed by Bill Holden.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers Bazaar, April 1970

Inspirational Images: Crowning Glory

1970s, hair, john swannell, pre-raphaelite, Vogue

Photos by John Swannell. Vogue, December 1977. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

Legendary Beauty

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By Alice Pollock at Quorum*, 19gns. The settee is covered in the original William Morris Bird Design.

There’s a marvellously romantic feeling about the Pre-Raphaelite look. It starts with your hair…soft, natural, framing your face in a ripple of tiny waves. It touches your skin…pale, delicate, un-made-up looking. It colours your clothes…crepe, chiffons and satins in rich hues. Start wearing this great, romantic look today – who knows, he might just start being very romantic to you!

Scanned from Vanity Fair, May 1970. Photographed by John Kelly at Wightwick Manor.

*This is a misattribution, the dress is actually an Ossie.

Dress by Simon Massey, £15. Photographed against a Burne Jones tapestry.

Dress by Fashion Mouse, £22. Photographed against the Kempe stained glass windows.

Dress by Bus Stop, £5. Photographed against a painting by Rossetti pupil Treffry Dunn.