Inspirational Images: Enter right dramatically…

1960s, Bob Freeman, chelsea cobbler, Harpers Bazaar, Inspirational Images, Leslie Poole, molly parkin
enter right dramatically - leslie poole - bob freeman harpers bazaar april 1969

Long turquoise satin dress, about 21 gns. White kid boots, 18 gns to order from The Chelsea Cobbler.

The setting is one of undefined menace. The situation, traumatic. The girl, intrigued. But the message of the fashion is crystal clear. Dramatic, beautifully made clothes are rare. When they combine fine fabrics with feminine shapes they become almost impossible to find. Now, at last, one designer, Leslie Poole, is making them. The supplies and outlets are limited – so far. The demand, however, is quite undeniable.

Scenario by Gerard Brach. Production by Molly Parkin.

Photographed by Bob Freeman.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers Bazaar, April 1969

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