Two super t-shirts

1970s, cosmopolitan, Inspirational Images, John Bishop

What every Cosmo girl needs right now is another T-shirt. T-shirts are a way of life and you can’t have too many . . . which is why this month’s super cool offer is not one but two T-shirt styles. The snappy button-through vest top is all yours for only £1-50, left . . . or the flowered long-sleeved T-shirt, right, just £2.20. Take your pick from bright green, pale blue or brown for the vest . . . the colours are guaranteed to make the most of your tan. The long-sleeved top is prettily flowered on a white or red or black background. Smart girls will want both T-shirts. Naturally you can wash the cotton jersey like a hankie.

Photographed by John Bishop.

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, July 1974.

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