Store Dummies

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Store Dummies I, 1976.

I think that these mannequins, used so artfully by Helmut Newton, might be the Willy van Rooy mannequin by Barway. Which also happens to be the mannequin I use for my vintage clothes!

Photographed by Helmut Newton for French Vogue.

Scanned from Model Girl by Charles Castle


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You may or may not remember my ongoing saga with Odette, my thin white Duchess of a mannequin. Well her stand finally gave up the ghost a few months back, and I’m no welder, so she’s been semi-retired for now (she might be going to live with a friend in Cardiff, so I know she’ll be in good hands). I’ve been using Lil the Dummy ever since but, while I certainly like the simplicity of a dummy, she’s definitely lacking four very important features which allow me to show off sleeves and trousers.

I recently acquired this new-old mannequin; I’ve been coveting a proper vintage one for years. As soon as I unpacked her, I knew what her name had to be. She’s a Roxy girl through and through, so she’s Roxy. Also, Manifesto is a brilliant album cover. And a good pun at that.

However, since I respect my customers’ opinions, I thought I’d ask you all what you thought. She’ll stay put anyway, for the occasional trousersuit or big sleeved confection, but I’m not sure whether or not she should totally replace the dummy. Opinions, if you please?

p.s She’s also giving me wig-envy. But I’m not sure I could carry off a strawberry shag?