Chirpy chirpy, not very ‘Cheap Cheap’….

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Thank you thank you thank you, lovely anonymous reader (please let me know your name or online ‘alter-ego’ so I can say thank you properly) who commented on the previous post with this amazing vintage spot.

Sally Carr from Middle of the Road, wearing the iconic Mr Freedom hotpant outfit. It also came with the knee length variation, as worn by Olivia Newton John.

It was also worn by Miss Peelpants favourite, Katy Manning (Jo Grant in Doctor Who) for a few publicity shots, although I have no idea if she was in the hotpant or baseball short variation.

It was clearly one of their most popular pieces, and does occasionally turn up at auction (with an appropriately hefty price tag). I have never owned the complete ensemble, but I do have a polka dot ‘skater’ dress with matching frilly knickers by Mr Freedom, which I must photograph and share very soon.

Thank you, also, for introducing me to Sally Carr as a potential style icon. I haven’t found many decent photos online just yet, but she does seem to be a hardened hotpant girl (which is to be admired, worshipped and generally cooed over).