I can’t give you anything but disco, Pan’s People and butt bows

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I’ve wittered on about my extreme love for Butt Bows before now, that and buffles, but nothing beats the glorious Pan’s People for any style statement you might want to make.

So, I give you, the ultimate gift-wrapped butt bows….

Merry Christmas!!

Butt Bows

buffles, butt bows, maria grachvogel, sarah whitworth

(Initially inspired by this post by the fabulous Everybody Says Don’t)

Like the fabulous WendyB, I’m a big fan of the butt bow. Frankly I’m a fan of any decoration on the butt. When you’re a petite lady up top, and you quite like your butt, you know it makes sense to draw attention down there. This is why I love Sarah Whitworth (Queen of the Buffle) so much.

Anyway, a few weeks back I was stopped in my tracks by this incredible dress in the window of the Maria Grachvogel shop. I’m quite a fan of MG which, considering my usual antipathy towards modern designers, is quite an achievement for her*.

*I’m sure she’d be delighted to know that!

What the Blaizes? It’s a Sarah Whitworth!

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There are occasional moments in my life when I realise just how much of a geek I really am. Last week, at the opening of the Undercover underwear exhibition at the FTM (go see it if you’re in London), that came in the moment when I asked the lovely Immodesty Blaize if the dress she was wearing was a Sarah Whitworth. She pulled the back a bit and let me have a look at the label. Which I probably didn’t even need to see, I just needed to confirm my geeky curiousity. In case she ever searches herself online, the design is called ‘Bitch’ – which I totally forgot to tell her! I guess that would have been even geekier, non?

I still can’t find a picture to show you [where did all the official shots go???] but it was very similar to my purple one [except I don’t think her frock had the ruching down the front] in a gorgeous emerald green. I will update with a photo if I can ever find one.

Another memorable uber-geek moment was when Miss Senti asked Pattie Boyd who made her divine floaty green dress which had been pinned up on the wall at her book signing. I was determined to bite my tongue until I realised that Pattie was never going to remember the designer’s name and eventually blurted out ‘It looks like a Thea Porter’. “Aha, yes, that’s the one“. I don’t think she judged me, neither did Senti, in fact both seemed pleased to know for sure, but I probably judged myself very heavily for being so flipping geeky.

Well…..it’s not MY fault these designers are so damn idiosyncratic. I wouldn’t zoom across a room to ask someone if they were wearing a Mary Quant, a Caroline Charles or an Annacat (all fab but, unless it was a design I’d already seen, all too vague).

It’s reminded me that I need to do a blog about Sarah Whitworth at some point. Now Pam Hogg has irritated the hell out of me with the whole Susie Bubble blog photo debacle, Sarah can stand alone as my absolute favourite 80s/90s Hyper Hyper-era designer. She’s far more wearable and sexy anyway. Symphony of Shadows comes in a close second these days, and they also deserve a blog all their own very soon. My ‘to do’ list gets ever longer.

I’m also very glad that I chose NOT to wear a Whitworth corset dress to the Underwear opening, else that might have been an awkward matchy-matchy moment with the woman opening the thing. Eek. No, true to [strange] form I decided to go against the Underwear theme and wear an atypical late Sixties Janice Wainwright. No pictures, sadly. I find it very difficult to fall in line with a theme at normal-formal events, is that weird? I’m not even sure how conscious/subconscious it is.

Check out the the amazing ‘Buffle’….

Edited to add the footage of the opening, where you can see the green dress – finally!