It ain’t no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones

butt bows, dollyrockers, Honey Magazine, jean varon, john bates
One of my favourite spreads from Honey magazine, June 1965 and perfect inspiration for the weather we’re having here in Blighty. I’ve selected some of my personal highlights (because it doesn’t half go on…) which include two John Bates dresses, an amazing Dollyrockers (above, I love the detail with the missing button!! Makes me wonder if it fell off while the shoot was happening…) and I can’t help but adore the final image which is a superb example of the beloved ‘Butt Bow’ phenomenon. And what I would consider to be an ideal wedding outfit (please see previous blog about meringues…). Ahhhh, such bliss to live in the past. One day I hope I’ll be able to move there permanently…

As the copy in the magazine says, “No need to go that far but there’s nothing wrong with a calculated strip in the right places. And on the right occasions, of course.”

Photos by David Hurn

Dress by John Marks

Dress by John Bates for Jean Varon

Dress by John Bates for Jean Varon

Dress by Martha Hill

Trouser suit by California Cottons

I can’t give you anything but disco, Pan’s People and butt bows

buffles, butt bows, haute naffness, pan's people, seventies fashion

I’ve wittered on about my extreme love for Butt Bows before now, that and buffles, but nothing beats the glorious Pan’s People for any style statement you might want to make.

So, I give you, the ultimate gift-wrapped butt bows….

Merry Christmas!!

The Icing on the Cake (or, The Bow on the Butt)

butt bows, mary quant, mod, sixties, website listings

Ahhhhh….you have to love a butt bow. I was rather surprised to see a butt bow on a Sixties Mary Quant mini dress, but surprised in a good ‘oooh, the girl done good’ kinda way. It’s an adorable dress anyway (and perfect attire for a mod french maid) but that’s just the icing on the cake; the bow on the butt. Anyway, it’s a new listing over at Vintage-a-Peel – please do check it out!

Butt Bows

buffles, butt bows, maria grachvogel, sarah whitworth

(Initially inspired by this post by the fabulous Everybody Says Don’t)

Like the fabulous WendyB, I’m a big fan of the butt bow. Frankly I’m a fan of any decoration on the butt. When you’re a petite lady up top, and you quite like your butt, you know it makes sense to draw attention down there. This is why I love Sarah Whitworth (Queen of the Buffle) so much.

Anyway, a few weeks back I was stopped in my tracks by this incredible dress in the window of the Maria Grachvogel shop. I’m quite a fan of MG which, considering my usual antipathy towards modern designers, is quite an achievement for her*.

*I’m sure she’d be delighted to know that!