Inspirational Images: Joan Buck in Ossie Clark

1960s, celia birtwell, Inspirational Images, joan buck, ossie clark, radical rags

Joan Buck in Ossie Clark. Didier Duvall. Date unknown, late Sixties. Scanned from Radical Rags.

A delicious image in so many ways. A messy bed, creativity flowing, casually pulling on your Celia-print Ossie whilst looking into an impossibly tiny but beautiful mirror…

7 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Joan Buck in Ossie Clark

  1. Have you been to the BME at 02? They've got one of the jumpsuits Ossie created for Mick Jagger on display – plus a ton of other rock and roll goodies, Marc Bolan's jacket, Dave Hill's Guitar, a super rare pair of Vivienne Westwood boots donated by Marco Pirroni – only 2 pairs ever made and he's got both.

  2. I love this shot, it reminds me of the lengths I'll go to checking myself out before I leave the house.Wonder what the original colours were like, bet they were glorious. xxx

  3. Hi there-what a wonderful pose in front of the mirror and of course the dress is just simply gorgeous! Your Bill Gibb dress sounds a truly lovely find too, its great to find unique pieces in the most unlikely places!

  4. Mondo, I haven't managed it yet (amongst many other things I need to go and see). I can do without Mick Jagger's sweaty jumpsuits, Ossie or no Ossie (and have already seen one at the V&A) but I REALLY want to see all the rest. Plus they have one of Duran Duran's Antony Price suits from the Rio video, I think it's Roger Taylor's?So glad you all like the photo – I covet that Ossie sooooooo much. I think it was predominantly red, white and black but that's just the version I've seen.

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