Inspirational Images: Barbara Mott, 1968

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In the late ’60s, the rock hall replaced the discotheque as as the prime area for innovative fashion display. “In fashion terms a Fillmore East opening night deserves as much coverage as the Philharmonic Galanosed Galas,” claimed the Village Voice shortly after the rock auditorium opened in March 1968. “It’s a scene-making pageant whether they’re seeing Lenny at Lincoln Center or Jimi at the Fillmore.” In 1968, Bill Graham…tied together the pageantry in the audience with the fireworks on stage when he organized a mini fashion happening during an interval in the evening’s mixed bill. Unheralded, Barbara Mott, wife of designer Michael Mott, zoomed up the center aisle of the rock palace on an enormous Harley Davidson. Dressed in Mott’s black leather bra top and miniskirt pegged with hobnail studs, she tore up a ramp to the stage and parked her vehicle to the accompaniment of a cannonade of cheers from the Fillmore’s audience.

Image and text from Radical Rags by Joel Lobenthal

Inspirational Images: Pat Cleveland in Stephen Burrows

1970s, Inspirational Images, pat cleveland, radical rags, stephen burrows

Scanned from Radical Rags. Photographer unknown.

What a difference a decade makes

caterine milinaire, radical rags, sixties

Caterine Milinaire. Step-daughter of the 13th Duke of Bedford. Photographed at Woburn Abbey at the beginning of the Sixties, and at a protest towards the end of the decade. Caterine worked for Vogue in the Sixties and wrote the now legendary ‘Cheap Chic’ book in the Seventies. Both photos scanned from Radical Rags.

Inspirational Images: Pat Cleveland in Zandra Rhodes

1970s, Ed Pfizenmaier, Inspirational Images, pat cleveland, radical rags, zandra rhodes
Inspirational Images: Pat Cleveland in Zandra Rhodes
Pat Cleveland wearing a silk screened chiffon Zandra Rhodes caftan in the Manhattan residence of interior decorator Angelo Donghia.

Photographed by Ed Pfizenmaier.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Radical Rags. Early Seventies.

Inspirational Images: Joan Buck in Ossie Clark

1960s, celia birtwell, Inspirational Images, joan buck, ossie clark, radical rags

Joan Buck in Ossie Clark. Didier Duvall. Date unknown, late Sixties. Scanned from Radical Rags.

A delicious image in so many ways. A messy bed, creativity flowing, casually pulling on your Celia-print Ossie whilst looking into an impossibly tiny but beautiful mirror…