britt ekland, Catherine Deneuve, emma peel, jane birkin, jenny boyd, maureen starkey, natalie wood, oliver reed, ossie clark, pan's people, prince, sandie shaw, stevie nicks, the avengers

Down with lurgies and stress! Boo, and may I say, hiss. I haven’t felt much like posting here, or anywhere. I’m lining up some listings when I’m able though, and they should be up and running next week I hope. Until then, or until I have the energy to post properly again, here is a lovely, shiny post with lots of lovely inspirational images I’ve picked up here and there.

12 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. Hope you feel better very, very soon!The photos are fab, but for some reason I can't be doing the yellow and green. That colour combination reminds me of something. I can't think what, possibly my school gym kit as our uniform was green but my YEAR colour was yellow!

  2. I wish you a fast recovery! Those vintage photos are really inspirational. I can make a lot of outfits from those photos which will have a vintage feel, and yet still wearable in these modern times! Thanks for the lovely collection!Luc Jenson70's Clothing

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