Mensday: Prince Charming

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Someone never forgot the Importance of Being Dandy. That person was Prince. I used to crush on him quite badly in my early teens and I’m certain it’s all tied up with my love of flamboyant male dressers and New Romantics. Prince didn’t just do stripes, he did spots as well. He didn’t just do a bit of colour, he was all-over purple. The man is a sartorial genius as well as a musical one. Prince, how I do adore thee…

Soul Soothers

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I have been soothing my soul with music this week. Brutally flicking past nearly everything on my player except for a few, err, exceptions.

Roxy Music – Out of the Blue (and pretty much the whole of Country Life. Love times a bazillion).

Svensk – Dream Magazine (from brilliant psychedelic compilation album Piccadilly Sunshine)

Prince – Girls and Boys (And pretty much the whole of Parade right now. I particularly love the line “She had the cutest ass he’d ever seen, he did too they were meant to be”.)

The Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine (Perfect pop. Makes you happy without making you want to vomit)

The Who – My Wife (and most of Who’s Next. This one in particular always seems to make me laugh.)

Fox – He’s Got Magic (I very rarely skip past Fox songs. The lyrics are brilliant, baffling and beautiful, which is possibly partly to do with Noosha’s style of singing. Love.)


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Down with lurgies and stress! Boo, and may I say, hiss. I haven’t felt much like posting here, or anywhere. I’m lining up some listings when I’m able though, and they should be up and running next week I hope. Until then, or until I have the energy to post properly again, here is a lovely, shiny post with lots of lovely inspirational images I’ve picked up here and there.