Cathy McGowan’s Boutique

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One of my treasured pieces of fashion ‘ephemera’ is a flimsy paper catalogue for Cathy McGowan’s boutique range of clothes, which launched in 1965. I was pleased for it to be used in Richard Lester’s new book Boutique London: A History: King’s Road to Carnaby Street but, since only the front page was scanned and featured, I thought I ought to scan and share the rest of it!

Cathy ended up getting married in an amazing Celia-print Ossie Clark dress, but at this point she was alternating between Foale and Tuffin and Biba for presenting Ready Steady Go!. You can see a definite Foale and Tuffin influence in these clothes, I think, and I have often wondered how ‘proper’ designers at the time felt about these strange new celebrity “boutiques”.

12 thoughts on “Cathy McGowan’s Boutique

  1. Oh wow, I love every outfit in those pictures, what a great catalogue! And her hair is lush too. I once got a record from ebay of Cathy promoting her make-up range, with pictures of the range and also her in some of her clothes range. A few months later I managed to find a catsuit featured on the disc's sleeve on ebay, very pleased with those finds!

  2. Aw this really warms my heart – all those lovely old words like "fab," "smashing" and "thrilled"!And doesn't Cathy look adorable in everything? She wasn't intimidatingly gorgeous, but she was so appealing. I love how she looks like she's demonstrating one of her "Ready, Steady, Go!" dance steps in the last picture of her.Thanks so much for sharing this catalogue!

  3. What a fab thing to own, I'd love a piece of her stuff, because I love the label design, and it's a great bit of 60s pop culture. It's mad that every z lister and their mums have got a fashion or beauty range nowadays, I guess this is where it all started!

  4. I had a lovely purple dress from Cathy McGowan collection & a double breasted coat, also a mint coloured dress. They were all gorgeous! My Mum used to run “Trafford” catalogue back in the 60’s. Loved her clothes.

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