Guy Day: Getting shirty

1960s, granny takes a trip, Honey Magazine, Illustrations, Mensday, menswear, wendy buttrose

Illustrations by Wendy Buttrose. Honey magazine, September 1966

In lieu of Mensday, here’s my occasional Whoops-I-forgot-Mensday feature, Guy Day. Especially appropriate since one of the shirts comes from a shop called ‘Guy’. Amazing illustrations by none other than Wendy Buttrose*, and what I wouldn’t give to get hold of some of those incredible shirts!

Wendy, if you ever come across this blog please do email me and let me know more about you. Your illustrations are wonderful!

4 thoughts on “Guy Day: Getting shirty

  1. Lusting after the floral high collared one from Granny Takes A Trip ! Having said that..i do like a man in a denim shirt (has to be the right man and the right shirt of course..i'm conjuring up a picture of Terrence Stamp circa '66-'67) : )

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