We’re Not Going Away This Year

1960s, alice pollock, harriet, helmut newton, polly peck, Queen magazine, quorum

Black ciré jumpsuit (£14 12s) by Harriet

So instead of getting into a frenzy of bikinis I’ve been able to concentrate on the way to look this autumn. Black and rather Dietrich. Masses of sequins; velvet, chiffon, moiré. And shiny, slinky ciré, like satin come out from under a shower. To wear this black sheer tights; to spark up with silver, jet and diamond.

Incredible shoot from Queen, August 1969. Photos by Helmut Newton

Culottes and matching jacket (27gns) by Alice Pollock at Quorum.

Black moiré suit and white moss crepe cravat (£19 13s) by Sybil Zelker for Polly Peck

Sequined skirt (£19 13s) and chiffon shirt (£7 12s) by Sybil Zelker for Polly Peck

Ciré dress (£12 13s) by Harriet

3 thoughts on “We’re Not Going Away This Year

  1. Blimey – I totally HAD that hair!Great pics – is that Penelope Tree? Incidentally, looks like a hole in her tights in the last photo, but who cares? She looks fabulous.

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