Mild Sauce: Even little girls need support

1970s, charnos, flair magazine, janet reger, margit brandt, mild sauce, Tony Moussoulides, underwear

Margit Brandt for Femilet. Stockings by Charnos. Suspender belt by Rosy of Paris.

Ignoring the slightly dodgy undertones in the title of this fashion spread, it demonstrates why I love the Seventies look so much. I’m a petite girl, with petite curves, and while I’m perfectly capable of going braless, I love bras. Sadly, very few styles appeal to me. I honestly wish I could go shopping in Janet Reger, in the early Seventies.

Photographs by Tony Moussoulides. Flair Magazine, January 1971.

Janet Reger. Stockings by Mary Quant.

Janet Reger. Tights by Wolsey.

Abecita. Tights by Mary Quant.

5 thoughts on “Mild Sauce: Even little girls need support

  1. The vine-covered swing reminds me once again how wildly popular nostalgia was in the early 1970s. Biba with its '20s fixation and all the rest of the pop culture embracing various previous decades is something that's only recently been discussed. History is tricky that way.

  2. I used to really like 'Discover Mademoiselle', which was a sort of cheap Agent Provocateur, but they seem to have stopped production. They did lovely demi cup bras in interesting fabrics, colours and trims. Now I either try to pick DM stuff on ebay or I stick with the more interesting Gossard ranges. It's all about the fit as well. Some manufacturers do lovely bras, but they make me look a very funny shape.CK, I am glad to hear someone else is fascinated by that aspect of these things. I think it's the appeal for me. I don't have to settle on any timeframe because I'm just 'Seventies' and all the different periods from which the Seventies was drawn.The pop art exhibition in Woking went some way to showing this, but only really in the fascination with all things Fifties and American.

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