Vintage Adverts: Don’t be vague

1970s, hair, Inspirational Images, sunday times magazine, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from The Sunday Times Magazine, June 1971

Personally, I need absolutely no encouragement…

8 thoughts on “Vintage Adverts: Don’t be vague

  1. LOVE IT. Am I being too crass and on-the-nose if I point out how delightful it is that she’s holding those highballs like a man’s balls? Oh well, TOO LATE!!! ;D

    1. Wow, I feel like a total innocent convent girl for not noticing that. Of course now it’s obvious; I knew there was *something* about the image I loved (aside from her hair). It’s a good twist on the old ‘sex sells’ style of advertising, where they subtly imply female dominance whilst superficially appealing to the male viewer. I like it!

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