Mensday: About a lucky man who made the grade…

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The Hon. Tara Browne in a maroon silk suit chosen by his wife, Nicky, left. By Major Hayward. Gold shirt, Turnbull & Asser

Both Tara Browne and Brian Jones were at the height of their fame, fortune and follicular glory here. Neither would see the Seventies. Indeed, Browne wouldn’t even see out the year this feature hails from. Quite extraordinary to see them together in the same spread from Men In Vogue, November 1966. They even managed to date the same woman (Suki Potier was the passenger in Browne’s Lotus Elan when he died, and would later be comforted by Jones – dating him, on-and-off, until his death in 1969.)

Photographs by Michael Cooper.

Brian Jones, a Rolling Stone in a double-breasted black suit, striped red and white, chosen by Anita Pallenberg, above. Bright pink shirt, scarlet handkerchief and tie. All bought in New York. Black and white shoes found in Carnaby Street.

As an aside, I was amazed to read, for the first time, that there are actually people in the world who believe that Tara Browne underwent extensive plastic surgery to ‘become’ a replacement Paul McCartney. Because McCartney actually died in a motorbike accident in Liverpool [just before Browne faked his own death], dontchaknow? I mean no offence to a beloved Beatle, but why on earth would anyone bother? Nobody bothered doing that with any other dead rock star at the time.

I’m quite the arch timewaster myself, but even my mind boggles at the years people devote to such patently ludicrous things.

18 thoughts on “Mensday: About a lucky man who made the grade…

    1. I think it was Suki in the crash, no? Anita is very much alive and kicking and fantastically leathery! 😉

      Poor Suki though. She was a real beauty and you can tell how much everybody loved her…

        1. Yes it was Suki. She died a few years after Brian when she and her husband were driving back from his parent’s house and he told her he wanted a divorce. Apparently, she grabbed the wheel and sent them over a cliff. They are survived by two wonderful daughters who were raised by their father’s parents, who were quite strict from what I have gathered.

    1. People who need to feel special. Even if everyone sneers at them and disproves their theory, the fact that they’re the source of it all gives them a sort of indignant pride and justification for their own existence. It’s like a step up from regular fandom; when all other details have been discussed and analysed to death, they need to create something new.

  1. Thank you so much for taking my request and sharing these scans of Men in Vogue! I was looking for them a long long time ago and that’s how I came to your site. Really thanks for your effort!

    And there they are…. those men with all what they wanted in life and some day they disappear from this world… Both shared a great friendship and Brian had a hard grief about him. [].

    The fantastic life of a “Prince” as how many people considered Tara was so fast and meteorical. “Nicky” (Noreen) Macsherry was a girl that Tara met when she worked as a bank clerk in Ireland. She was daughter of a farmer and the one for whom Tara struggled with his family because “she was not at the height of them”, but he already got her pregnant so they married in secret in France in 1963.

    In 1966, Marianne Faithful told him that his wife Nicky had cheated on him with “some italian guy or guys”. It was never proved, but the rumor caused Tara’s fury and they had an argument. After that, Tara’s mother had asked for the two little kids of the couple to Nicky “for a 10 days holiday at maternal home”. it was the last time Nicky saw her children ever. Mrs. Oonagh Guinness kidnapped kids []. Nicky went to High Court but lost the case and they took away the boys []. Even that, Tara never divorced from Nicky, so Guinness family gave her a small income to live on and left Ireland forever. Tara was the most part of the time in London parties with socialites, musicians and at his tailor shop “Dandie Fashions”. He unofficially dated girls like April Ashley and Amanda Lear after that but his relationship with Suki is not very clear. Some sources say he was just taking her to her home from a party and others say that they were dating, but what it was indeed truth is that Tara, Brian and Suki were friends [At Tara’s 21 brithday party

    Whatever it was the truth, the fairy tale became a horror story in just 3 years. Tara died just 6 days before that year’s christmas, Brian three years after and Suki did her life and died in 1981. Nicky never married again and still lives in Marbella, Spain in a small farm where she refuged herself after losing her baby boys.

    Finally, a brief french documentary about Tara’s life, a couple of months before he died:

    Thanks again!

    1. Glad to be of service and thank you for all the background information! You’re lucky, I don’t often do ‘requests’ but I had been intending to scan it for ages and just needed a kick… 😉

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