Inspirational Images: Nutters

1970s, barry lategan, Inspirational Images, Tommy Nutter, twiggy, Vogue

Twiggy and Tommy Tune, their suits by Tommy Nutter

Photograph by Barry Lategan. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, September 1972

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Nutters

  1. I can remember when Twiggy was taking tap lessons to prepare for her role in the Boyfriend she would come into the Biba design studio to show everyone her latest steps. She was so naturally good at tap and made it look so effortless that lots of the girls decided to do tap too (but apart from Del, I don’t think anyone lasted more than 1 class)

  2. Great picture and fabulous suits. I’d wear Twiggy’s suit to work tomorrow as its been so chilly this week.
    Adore Twiggy but I’m not sure if she did The Boyfriend or My One and Only with Tommy Tune. Loved both the film & spectacle anyway 🙂

  3. Twiggy & Tommy did perform together in “My One & Only”. They were, as we are told by Mr Selleck, “the toast of Broadway”. This clip is a little long (8 mins) but it indeed is “S’Wonderful”.

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