Inspirational Illustrations: Paloma Picasso by Antonio

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Illustrations by Antonio of Paloma Picasso.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, September 1972.

Possibly the most wonderful illustrations I have ever seen, by the legendary Antonio. They’re actually rather different to much of his output, more playful and human. And of course, as I have blathered on about so many times, this style of underwear is actually perfect as far as I’m concerned.

Plus, ‘Halter the way you look’ appeals to me as a pun.  Yes, I’m easily pleased…

Illustrations by Antonio of Paloma Picasso.

One thought on “Inspirational Illustrations: Paloma Picasso by Antonio

  1. I love Antonio’s work too. These are divine but if you hadn’t said she’s Paloma I would have thought the sketchs were of Bianca Jagger especially the bottom pics. Love them!

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