Kensington Market: “Do Get in Gear – It’s a Must!”

1970s, british boutique movement, kensington market, petticoat magazine, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from the back of Petticoat, December 1971

One of the most miserable things about reading a magazine from 1971 is seeing such an inviting advert as this, and knowing full well you will never be able to visit. Kensington Market = dreamland for Sixties and Seventies fiends…

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Petticoat, December 1971

4 thoughts on “Kensington Market: “Do Get in Gear – It’s a Must!”

  1. I always feel wistful when I see old adverts in magazines. It would be wonderful if it were possible to slip the mail-order coupon in the post plus a pound or two and have some gorgeous vintage-style dress turn up!

  2. I remember Kensington Market (now a PC World) very well, I used to buy clothes from Johnsons when they started with a stall there – and also the Great Gear Market on Kings Road (now a Marks and Spencers).

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