Inspirational Images: Hope by James Wedge

19 magazine, 1970s, Essences, james wedge
Dress from a selection from Essences.

Dress from a selection from Essences.

Photographed by James Wedge, inspired by Hope by George Frederic Watts.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from 19 Magazine, January 1975

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Hope by James Wedge

  1. Love it.
    I regret that I can’t recall where we put all my late mother’s magazines (19, Honey, British/French Vogue & Mirabelle among others). I remember going through this 19 edition with its stunning cover. I also remember seeing Vivienne Lynne, Marie Helvin and a model named Josephine in just about all the British fashion magazines of that era 🙂

  2. My mother used to buy every woman’s mag out there from the homey Woman’s Realm to the likes of Cosmo and Honey (my favourite), I think that’s how I’ve ended up being a mag designer.

    Love” Jazzing up your pad”

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