21 Days in Soho

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Richard Myhill – 21 Days in Soho (1975)

With a cover like that, and songs such as “Lazy Lady” (Never operational til the sun has left the sky) and “Backstage Judy” (You look hot but you’re cucumber cool), how could I resist?

Sleeve design, photography etc by Mick Rock. Styling by Sheila. Legs by Noelle. Shot at The Last Resort restaurant, Fulham Road, London. Thanks to Sue Machin for making the kimono with amazing speed.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

It Takes Two To Tango (1978) was Myhill’s biggest UK hit, and he later worked with my beloved Durans on some of my favourite songs (including Tel Aviv and My Own Way)

2 thoughts on “21 Days in Soho

  1. This is quite funny since I brought Mick Rock into the EMI fold when I hired him to do promo shots for Kevin Ayers. (Can you believe that no-one had looked at his work with Bowie and thought ‘we need this guy’.) Pretty rapidly he was doing Queen and a lot of other EMI bands.

    Sheila was Mick’s wife Sheila Rock, who went on to have her own illustrious carer as a photographer. At the time of the photo session The Last Resort was the height of decadent niteries.

    Hard to remember that this sub-Helmut Newton look was considered OK in 1975.

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