Inspirational Images: Throw a Party

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throw a party

Don’t you love a party… especially when you’re a guest and don’t have to do the washing up? But think of the satisfaction of throwing your own party and knowing it’s a great success… like the headline-hitting party Bianca Jagger gave for Mick’s thirty-second birthday when the guests stayed until the morning papers landed on the doorstep. Cosmo’s party didn’t quite last the whole night through, but it proved that you don’t need months of planning. We invited our guests just three days in advance, asked them to wear red and white to celebrate our first wine offer and could hardly belieev it when everyone turned up on time and stayed on.

Back row, left to right: Gai Pearl, John Siggins and John Bates of the John Bates fashion team; David Clay, model and athlete; Cristina Viera, Brazilian model girl; Janis Raven, fashion co-ordinator at Swan & Edgar; Richard du Ploc of Electric Fittings. In the centre: Pattie Barron, Cosmo’s fashion assistant; Carola Standish, PA to Cosmo’s publisher; fashion designer Bruce Oldfield. In the front: model Juan; Serena Schaffer who owns Electric Fittings; Michael Roberts, Sunday Times writer; Pat Booth, stylish and Terry Raven, property consultant.

There’s almost TOO much fabulousness going on in this image. Including the fact that it was taken by James Wedge. I’m particularly fond of the Johns Siggins and Bates in their dapper white suits, and the remarkably unappetising spread of food in front of them all. Still, looks like there’s plenty of wine and, really, that’s all that counts…

Photographed by James Wedge. Produced by Linda Kelsey.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, November 1974

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