Patricia Roberts Knitting Patterns

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Patricia Roberts designs exclusive hand knits worn by the famous and sold in the most prestigious fashion boutiques in Europe and America.

In 1976 she opened a knitting shop at 60 Kinnerton Street, London S.W.1., selling her own brand of hand knitting wools called “Woollybear Yarns”.

Such was the success of these pure natural yarns dyed in beautiful flattering colours, that buyers from prestige storesthroughout the country were quick to include them in their ranges.

1978 sees the first of Patricia’s magazines to be published independently. All the designs are knitted in Patricia’s “Woollybear Yarns”.

For the first time knitters will have the opportunity to knit these patterns in the luxurious and inexpensive yarns, for which Patricia’s designs are intended.

Happy Knitting!

Possibly some of the loveliest photographs I have ever seen in a knitting pattern booklet, but perhaps unsurprising given the designer is Patricia Roberts and the photographer Rolph Gobits.

Art Direction by Desmond Serjeant.

Hair by Smile.

Make-up by Mary Vango.

Models: Joanna Jacobs, Kelly, Jane Rochelle, Kevin Hand, Helmut.

Photographed by Rolph Gobits.

Scanned from Patricia Roberts Knitting Patterns, 1978.

“Harold and Maude” – Trousers by Jap, shirt by Sheilagh Brown and Sheridan Barnett.
‘Fruit Machine’ – Paisley print shirt and trousers by Wendy Dagworthy. Black trousers by Victor Herbert.
‘The Whisperers’ – Her skirt and jacket by 11342; his trousers and shirt by Margaret Howell; her shoes by Zapata.
‘Jigsaw’ – Trousers by Patricia Roberts.
‘Blithe Spirit’ – Skirt by Sheilagh Brown and Sheridan Barnett. Shoes by Zapata.
‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ – Shirt by Wendy Dagworthy. Trousers by Daily Blue. Shoes by Walkers.
‘Kaleidoscope’ – Blue shirt by Margaret Howell; check shirt by Paul Howie. Skirt by Jap.
‘A man…’ – Shirt and trousers by Margaret Howell.
‘…and a Woman’ – Trousers by Jap, shirt by Sheilagh Brown and Sheridan Barnett.
‘Midnight Lace’ – Trousers and skirt by Sheilagh Brown and Sheridan Barnett. Shoes by Zapata.
‘John & Mary’ – His shirt and trousers by Margaret Howell. Her trousers by Daily Blue, her shirt by Wendy Dagworthy.
‘Two for the Road’ – Shirt and trousers by Margaret Howell.
‘Some Like it Hot’ – His shirt and trousers by Margaret Howell. Her trousers by Jap, shirt by Sheilagh Brown and Sheridan Barnett.
‘Ninotchka; – Shirt by Sheilagh Brown and Sheridan Barnett, trousers by Jap, Belt by Mulberry Company.
‘A Touch of Class’ – Shirt by Margaret Howell; Waistcoat by Patricia Roberts; skirt by Michiko.
‘Joey Boy’ – Trousers by Margaret Howell.
Patricia Roberts photographed by Rolph Gobits.

“So many things are now mass produced, that there is a growing belief in individuality. Hand knitting is an expression of this freedom, which anyone can enjoy.”

7 thoughts on “Patricia Roberts Knitting Patterns

  1. We loved the Patricia Roberts patterns, my wife knitted the Grapes then the Allsorts for herself. Later my Nan not only knocked out the Facade pullover in double quick time but also one of her own creation with the leftover wool. Loved those jumpers but not as much as I loved my Nan.

  2. I’ve still got quite a few of the Patricia Roberts sweaters I had knitted for me, including the classic black v-neck with purple mohair grapes on it! My gran knitted that for me when I was about 17! I went on to knit quite a few of her patterns myself, but also paid someone to knit others for me. I absolutely loved them and have saved quite a few because they are, after all , works of art!

  3. I loved her designs, knitted lots of them. My first job in 1976 was just around the corner from Kinnerton Street. My first paycheck was spent in there, woolybear yarn to make my boyfriend her fairisle sweater. She was very nice and I even knitted some samples up for her. I have all her books. I was SO sad to know she’s passed away. Iconic in every sense and hugely missed.

  4. So sad that many of her patterns are not longer available. At least a dozen of us knitters are dying to knit her Long Aviator Jacket but that pattern was not in a book and none of us can find a copy!
    We loved her and her designs very much!

    1. My very first job was just around the corner from Kinnerton st in 1976 I used to go there often in my lunch break. I met her lots of times and I even knitted up some samples for her. I have all her pattern books and made lots of them up for me. I knitted a Fairisle jumper for my boyfriend out of her Woolly Bear wools and his mother put it in the washing machine and it shrank. Another time I saw a woman wearing one of her grape designs at the Dulwich Picture Gallery and we had a lovely chat about her. Very much missed by me.

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