Imagine your first big scene

19 magazine, 1970s, Highlight, maudie james, moyra swan, Vintage Adverts
Put on a Highlight outfit and be spotted by that Italian film director.

You can imagine your first big scene when you wear something really dishy in Courtelle Neospun jersey. A trouser suit in purple for the Milan scene. And romantic scene-stealers of midi waistcoat, knickerbockers (the star of fashion right now) and dress for the reunion on arriving in Rome. Super Courtelle. Always a success. Beautiful colours. Lots of colours. Trouser suit about £11.19.6. Waistcoat about £6.19.6. Knickerbockers about £3.19.6. Dress about £6.19.6. They’ll be queueing to see you.

Obviously it helps if you look like Maudie James and Moyra Swan…

Scanned from 19 Magazine, October 1970.

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