A breath of green

1970s, beauty, belinda bellville, charles jourdan, david bailey, Garrard, Inspirational Images, maudie james, Vogue
The greenest scent of summer—Estee Lauder’s Alliage with hints of marigold, jasmine and muguet, to wear with green chiffon, and Estee Lauder’s new Copper and Bronze Make-up.

Model is Maudie James.

Photographed by David Bailey.

Scanned from Vogue, June 1973.

Daisy lawn chiffon caped over bandeau bra with shoulder straps, blowing into a herbaceous hem. By Bellville Sassoon. Daisy brooch of diamonds and peridot on one ear, £4,400, at Collingwood. Snake bracelets, diamonds and garnet, £3,205, diamonds and emerald, £850, at Garrard. Emerald and gold ring by Arthur King, £1,360, at Blooms. Carved emerald ring surrounded by two rows of diamonds, £1,250 at Michael Fishberg. Round pin in the hair, left, diamonds and sapphires, emeralds and rubies, £950, Cameo Corner. Pale yellow tights, Mary Quant, 40p, Selfridges. Dior sandals, £24, Charles Jourdan

Maudie James in Ossie Clark

1960s, barry lategan, celia birtwell, hair, Inspirational Images, maudie james, ossie clark, quorum, vidal sassoon, Vogue

Maudie James in an Ossie Clark for Quorum silk chiffon dress with print by Celia Birtwell.

Illustrating ‘The New Hair Colour Story’ with hair by Christopher of Vidal Sassoon.

Photographed by Barry Lategan.

Scanned from Beauty in Vogue, 1969.

Spring flowers in every shade

1960s, david bailey, Inspirational Images, jean varon, john bates, maudie james, Vogue

Spring Flowers in Every Shade - Bailey - Vogue - March 69

Fresh, fine and tiny on white. Two views of the new hooded dress, both lissom and long and framed in a froth of bright feathers. By John Bates at Jean Varon.

Photographed by David Bailey.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, March 1969.

Vintage Adverts: All the latest Quant ingredients

1960s, british boutique movement, mary quant, maudie james, nova magazine, Vintage Adverts

mary quant tricel nova april 68

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, April 1968

Starlet Nights

antony price, british boutique movement, clive arrowsmith, Hamish Bowles, harpers and queen, Inspirational Images, maudie james, Monty Don, murray arbeid, sheridan barnett, Stephen Jones, Vintage Editorials

Upstaging madly in a flurry of feathers, flounces and faux jewels, our chorus line throws caution to  the wings and takes centre stage for a thousand and one glamour-puss nights, directed by Hamish Bowles, 19.

Left to right: Black taffeta dress by Murray Arbeid. Black velvet and rose fascinator by Stephen Jones. Black wool crepe sheath dress with feathers by Sheridan Barnett. Black marabou and ostrich feathered opera coat by Sheridan Barnett, from Roxy 25 Kensington Church Street. Mauve taffeta and velvet stripe dress by Murray Arbeid. Rose hat by Stephen Jones. Crystal drop earrings by Monty Don. Black sun-ray pleated lame and chiffon evening dress by Antony Price, to order from Ebony. Earrings by Andrew Logan.

Upstaging madly in a flurry of feathers, flounces and faux jewels, our chorus line throws caution to the wings and takes centre stage for a thousand and one glamour-puss nights, directed by Hamish Bowles, 19.

A fascinating little spread here, directed by a 19-year-old Hamish Bowles and featuring pieces by established designers like Sheridan Barnett, Murray Arbeid and the Antony Price I’d give my first born to own… Plus up and coming designers like Stephen Jones and Monty Don (yes, that Monty Don…). Plus the make-up was by iconic Sixties model, Maudie James. I’m not such a huge fan of Harpers and Queen in this period, but this spread is such a perfect combination of what had been and what was to come – which makes it a definite cut above the rest.

Photographed by Clive Arrowsmith.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers and Queen, August 1983

Doodling With Colour

Honey Magazine, Illustrations, Make-up, maudie james, patrick hunt

Hmmm. What shall I try first? A rainbow across my tilt-up nose, or should I wait a few weeks and do the ‘April Fool!’ one? Some good make-up tips here, I particularly love the rainbow lashes, and I would now dearly love to get myself a Doodle Kit.

Vintage Adverts: Grace Coddington in Ban Lon

1960s, ban lon, grace coddington, maudie james, Vintage Adverts

Why yes, that is Grace ‘I hardly did any modelling’ Coddington.

Scanned from Nova, March 1966.