A Peek at the Boutique: Chelsea Girl

1970s, british boutique movement, British Steel, chelsea girl, telegraph magazine

Steel's the Scene Chelsea Girl

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from The Daily Telegraph Magazine, January 28th 1972

Vintage Adverts: The New Age of British Steel

1960s, British Steel, Inspirational Images, space age, sunday times magazine, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from The Sunday Times Magazine, March 23 1969

Inspirational Images: Steel Appeal, 1970

British Steel, Inspirational Images, jewellery, Vintage Adverts

Ahhhh, good old British Steel. You wouldn’t have thought that the British Steel Corporation would have been able to sex-up their image through print advertising, and I would certainly never have imagined it could look so downright amazing.

Jewellery specially created for BSC by Loughborough College of Art and Design.

The Sunday Times Magazine, August 2nd 1970. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

Don’t Forget Your Knickers!

1970s, British Steel, Vintage Adverts

Let’s hope the dancefloor at The Birds Nest, Waterloo wasn’t actually as shiny as it looks here.

Daily Telegraph Magazine, 1970