Go Gaucho!

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Striped woollen poncho skirt by Beatrice Bellini for WHI. Chamois lace-up blouse by Janet Ibbotson. Lace up suede boots by Anello and Davide. Leather and bead necklace by Feathers.

Not only does leather feel good, it smells delicious, like a trip out West. Suede and chamois are even better than leather because they are so much softer and easier tow ear. They’re not as expensive as they used to be. Cheap they will never be if you want value for your money. Leather, properly looked after, lasts for age; in fact, the more beaten up and old it looks the better. So when it comes to buying remember that and invest in something safe – like the clothes photographed on these pages. Thy are not desperately in fashion but, on the other hand, they are not out and never will be…

Fashion by Caroline Baker. Photographed by Harri Peccinotti.

Scanned from Nova, October 1970.

Midi pigskin wrarpover skirt and long fitted jacket both by Beged’Or. Lace up suede boots from Anello and Davide.
Suede midi waistcoat and pants by Friitala. Brown wool shirt at Feathers. Leather and bead necklace at Feathers. Felt hat by Bermona. Stripey belts at Herbert Johnson.
Leather and rabbit midi waistcoat by Skinflair. Handwoven cotton blouse from Fifth Avenue. Flared blue jeans by Levis.
Suede jeans by Newman at Spotlight. Argentinian wool poncho – similar available at Mexicana and at Inti. Cow print velour hat by Bermona. Patent boots from Sacha.
Chamois fringed midi dress and beaded headband both at Battle Of The Little Big Horn.
Suede lace up dress to order at Pourelle. Poncho by Village Squares. Boots by Anello and Davide.
Fake snake velvet jeans by Newman at Feathers. Silk satin snake shirt to order at Lizzie Carr. Woven sash belts at Herbert Johnson.

Vintage Adverts: People change into Levi’s Cords and bring the scene alive!

1960s, Honey Magazine, Illustrations, levis, Vintage Adverts


Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey, April 1969

Mild Sauce: You don’t take them off unless you have to!

1970s, Fiesta, levis, mild sauce

Scanned from Fiesta, 1975

Fnar fnar. Etc…

(An equal rights fnar fnar, no less. Just how we like it here at Vintage-a-Peel…)

Portrait of a Generation – Levis and Honda

1970s, cosmopolitan, levis, Vintage Adverts

Kelly and Lars Bolander

Portrait of a generation. Advertisement feature from Cosmopolitan, June 1973.

Photographer unknown. Scanned by Miss Peelpants

Sheila Richardson and Mark Williams

Liz Forster and Robert Lacey

Linda Kelsey and Fernando Iturbide

Vintage Adverts: Miss Levi’s, 1974

1970s, cosmopolitan, flares, jeans, levis, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, June 1974