Mild Sauce: Bronica Camera Equipment

1970s, Hot Shoe, mild sauce, Vintage Adverts

By Tom Staebler. Scanned from ‘Hot Shoe’ photography magazine, November 1979

I can’t help but have a sneaking respect for the blatant ‘sex sells camera equipment’ attitude inside the pages of this Hot Shoe magazine from 1979. This one features a shot originally from Playboy Magazine. Phew! Shame the whole pink satin bedsheet dress thing never took off, isn’t it?

Inspirational Images: Portrait of a self-portrait

1970s, Hot Shoe, james wedge, terry de havilland

Photo by James Wedge. Scanned from Hot Shoe magazine, November 1979.

The boots are by Terry De Havilland. How do I know? Because I have a pair in blue which I will be selling on Vintage-a-Peel very soon!