Curious Coincidences: Agent Provocateur vs. Rudi Gernreich

1970s, agent provocateur, curious coincidences, peggy moffitt, rudi gernreich

Agent Provocateur, 2012

Rudi Gernreich, c. 1970

How very curious…


Random Picture Spam: Eyeliner

amanda lear, eyeliner, Fran├žoise Hardy, Make-up, marianne faithfull, maureen starkey, natalie wood, pamela des barres, peggy moffitt, penelope tree, sandie shaw, sixties

I’m far too tired, achy and discombobulated to post anything too long and rambly tonight, so here’s a random picture post so I can attempt to maintain my unusual prolificacy at the moment….

I wish it were profligacy though; I love how I have to really think about which word I want to use. Ah well, that will come soon enough when I’ve recovered from the multitude of stresses which are upon me at the moment. And when it does, I will be wearing lots of eyeliner and lashes and drinking a lot of brandy. So just you watch out!

Well there you go, I was a bit rambly. Ha!